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Tanning Salon Internet Down And Was Able To Operate With Tan-Link Software

Learn How One Tanning Salon Owners Internet Went Down All Day And Was Able To Operate Her Business With Tan-Link Software

As a tanning salon owner, running your business on tanning software is crucial for your point of sale (POS), tracking customer information, and checking in members/customers.

However, what happens when the internet goes down at your tanning salon? Suppose you are like many tanning salon owners using downloaded software, such as TanTrack, SunLync, Helios, etc. In that case, you will not be able to connect or bring your software online to sell, see members’ information, or check-in members.

One of our Tanning Salon’s “Mimi’s Tanning Shak” internet went down all day long, and they were still able to operate their salon all because of Tan-Link’s web-based capabilities. So what did their tanning salon do to stay up and running? 

  • Enabled Remote Access For Staff: This allowed her staff to log in to the software to pull up client profiles and check their accounts. 
  • Switched To Tan-Link Offline Mode: Allowing to send times to set the beds.
  • Connected Computer To Wireless Hotspot: This allowed the salon to connect the Computer and iPad. 
  • Sell by Text/Email: Staff sent direct links that allowed customers to pay if a customer needed to purchase a product or service. 
  • Online Store: If the customer did not have access to email or text, staff pulled up the online store to purchase products or services.

I feel like that many tanning salons would have just shut down for the day if they were not using web-based software. Here is what the owner (Kady McKoy) of Mimi’s Tanning Shak had to say when we asked how she did it. 

Our internet service was entirely out. So the most logical thing would be to run a hotspot off of the phone and use the cellular data and use that to connect the most needed items like the Computer and the iPad to run for the day. That’s what I was able to do when I got to the salon for my shift that day, but my employee did not have that option because she didn’t have that on her phone. We took a few different steps to make sales, check people in, and keep business rolling for the day.


  • I entered the employee profile and enabled my employee to log in on any IP and not just the salon IP address and saved that change.
  • My employee then logged into her phone to pull up client profiles and check their accounts.
  • My employee pulled up the offline site on our salon computer to send times to beds as needed.
  • When clients came in, she would first pull up their account on her phone and check if they had their membership or visits or see if she needed to make a sale.
  • She wrote every transaction down, including name, service, and form of payment.
  • All cash payments were just made by exchange, and my employee would use her phone to check them out using TanLink and give correct change.
  • If a client needed to purchase a session, service, package, or product, we used the sell-by text feature – the employee would select what she was selling them and text it to their phone, allowing the client to complete the purchase on their phone. Then we would refresh TanLink and be able to tan and service them for what was purchased.
  • If no text or cell phone was available, my employee also had the online store pulled up on a separate tab where we could go through and enter their card payments to link it to their account if needed.
  • When internet service was back up and running, we went back over the transaction list written down and entered in all tan times and beds as needed.
  • We also adjusted any transactions or sessions that needed to be corrected and left notes on the account.


“Tan-Link Software enabled us to use the technology available to make sales still and remain in operation when we could have been crippled or restricted otherwise”. Kady McKoy Owner Mimis Tanning Shak

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