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Tanning Salon Marketing: The Importance of Cohesive Branding in a Tanning Salon Software

Tanning Salon Marketing: The Importance of Cohesive Branding in a Tanning Salon Software

Clear, consistent branding and communication are crucial to creating a solid image for your tanning salon business by ensuring that your customers understand your identity and what you stand for. A misstep in branding and communication may leave potential customers confused about how to perceive your tanning business and result in a lower number of customers signing up for your tanning salon. 

Branding is way more than just having a logo, colors, and message above your door and at the top of your website. Creating a solid and cohesive brand means considering all potential touchpoints that a customer may perceive with your business, ensuring that each time they see your tanning salon represents how you want customers and the public to perceive your business.  

Many tanning salons rely on a software system to help run their business and take administrative & operational work when running a tanning salon. Due to these systems’ integral nature and how they are responsible for so many aspects of managing a tanning salon effectively, many salon owners become accustomed to working around their software systems’ flaws. Many tanning salons make a common fault at the constraints of a software vendor that may not allow putting their brand first. 

This post is to help you choose the best tanning software for your tanning salon and look for features that will help not only put your brand first but allow critical touchpoints these tanning salon systems control. Here’s how to ensure your tanning salon branding isn’t taking a back-seat to accommodate your tanning software management system.


Three Ways a Good Tanning Salon Software Provider Can Help Your Branding

Customizable Communication (Phone + SMS + Email) Capabilities.

Securing your business’s favorable perception from potential and current customers requires tanning salon Phone + SMS + Email to be tailored to the member. An integrated call center along with a texting platform will allow you to communicate more effectively with customers. SMS capabilities are offered by the tanning salon software providers, allowing you to efficiently send targeted SMS messages to your customer through insert fields that input information from a member’s profile to personalize the message with promotions. An integrated call center will allow you to control tracking calls and provide a custom switchboard at ease, allowing customers to quickly select what extension they want. Customize your extensions and let certain staff members take care of certain business aspects from sales, customer service, etc. Certain software providers should have integrations to email marketing platforms such as MailChimp , allowing you to import emails to send mass emails to customers for newsletters, promotions, etc. You should be able to customize a majority of templates to suit your brand and message.

Finding a tanning salon software provider that allows you to create custom communication templates will allow you to customize and streamline your business. Finding one that allows the use and customization of logos, font color, background color, social media links, and other elements help them recognize who these emails are coming from and brings a sense of professionalism to your messages.

Loyalty and Gift Cards.

If you are looking to increase brand loyalty and revenue, this next one is for you. Software providers often provide loyalty and gift cards at a certain level to ensure you have an option. Most of the time, the loyalty programs and gift cards are usually plain. While having colors that match your brand on gift cards and loyalty cards is a step in the right direction, this is a missed opportunity to let your customers allow advertising for you and get your name in front of more potential customers.

Custom printed loyalty and gift cards can include your logo, colors and sometimes, depending on the size, they can display other information such as opening hours, website links, and much more! A good tanning salon software provider offers integrations or partners that can easily customize print and allow the ability to choose your desired shape, color, and even material/texture for your loyalty or gift cards. These are pretty much the main piece of physical products given to and regularly used by your customers, which other potential customers can see. 

Branded Online Store & Integrated Web Portal.

For many new customers, their first tangible touchpoint with your brand could be on your website, as they will use this to help evaluate whether or not they want to sign up with you. If they decide they like what they see, they might even sign up as a customer on-the-spot from your online store. When it comes to improving conversions and creating a consistent tanning experience for your customers, integrating your website with this customer portal can be crucial – and the more seamless this integration is, the better it will be for conversion rates. We suggest a customer portal that allows potential customers to quickly sign-up if interested, highlighting the importance of finding a tanning software system that offers a customizable integrated web portal and online store.


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