Cancellations are part of our business. Customers cancel for various reasons, sometimes it’s within our control and sometimes its not. If the customer is moving, there is not a whole lot you can do to retain them unless you have a partnering location where they are moving.

Figure out what the main reasons for cancellation are at your salon, and which of those reasons can be addressed.

If the customer doesn’t want to do UV tanning, offer them Sunless (with a price adjustment to keep it attractive). If they don’t tan a lot, consider dropping the price for a few months or adjusting how many tans they can do on EFT for a lower price.

If the customer is not moving, offer an option to freeze where the membership will resume at a later date – this option is very attractive to our customers.

Finally, make sure your EFT packages have incentives that build-up over time that the customer may not want to lose. Some salons offer points that accrue over time, or in-store cash rewards that build-up over time and the customer stands to lose those when they cancel. Many times the customer will choose the option to freeze for few months when presented with the possibility of losing everything they have earned over the term of their EFT membership.


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