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Increase Tanning Salon Sales With These 12 Techniques

Increase Tanning Salon EFT Package Sales

Increase the sales at your tanning salon! The tanning salon market in the United States is worth 3.1 billion . Tanning salons are big business. Women within this age group of 20-64 make up the largest source of demand for industry products and services. An expansion in this group’s size and disposable income will boost industry revenue. With this age group, the expecting population to increase, representing a potential opportunity for the industry. 

Selling EFT tanning packages is integral to the business. The success of a tanning salon is building around its customers. So how do you increase tanning EFT package sales? Let us walk you through 12 techniques you can use to increase EFT packages sales and boost your bottom line.

Converting Leads Into Customers 

You have a passion for beauty & health and have created a space to help people relax. You need to bring in new customers. Converting prospects into paying customers is a challenge for a ton of businesses. It’s not enough to pitch to potential leads; you need to listen to their needs. With that said, how do you create a sales process and culture within your tanning salon without being too pushy? 

Although a tanning salon sales script still has its place in the selling process, you need to create a personal connection with potential customers. Take a genuine interest in people’s lives and needs. Tanning salons of all sizes can increase sales, customer retention, and new EFT packages to boost their bottom line. 

12 Ways to Increase Tanning Salon EFT Package Sales 

Capturing leads and reaching out to a new audience requires concrete marketing strategies and an understanding of the market and target clientele. You can quickly become a marketing machine without being a pushy salesperson. When you combine passion, a genuine interest in helping people, and a superb marketing strategy, you can use these 12 techniques to increase EFT package sales and see profits rise. 

1. Make Signing Up as Simple as Possible 

The signup process needs to be as easy as possible for potential customers to sign up—the more simple the pricing and the quicker, the better the process. You want to remove any obstacles that could get in the way of a new customer signing up for your tanning salon. Try to eliminate having to spend a lot of time taking down all their personal information; the signup process’s complexity might scare some potential customers away. Have a process where a potential customer can complete an online signup form to fill out most of the information. Try to keep everything in a simple format that makes the entire process very clear and straightforward. However, they may need to sign a contract in-person to finish at the package process’s final stage. Another option is to incorporate digital agreements and waivers to help simplify and speed up the signup process. Anything that saves time and removes any friction from the signup process is a huge bonus.  

2. Enhance Positive Reviews and Presence on Social Media 

Social media is one of the most prominent mediums for potential customers, and this is where a majority of customers will find your tanning salon. Keep focused on building an active and positive community on social media from review websites(Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.), social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram), etc. Your social channels will help build your brand and most likely be the first representation of your business. Make sure your brand leaves a lasting impression with plenty of positive reviews to help entice potential customers. 

Posting consistently with current posts will show your salon and who you are, and what they can expect from your salon. Your social media presence has a great deal of influence on a potential customer’s decision. Positive reviews can play a massive role in the sales process as they will show you have excellent service. Encourage current customers to leave a glowing review on Googe, Facebook, and other social media channels. Of course, make sure that existing customers are happy with your service first and give you the best review. The last thing you want is an unhappy customer going on a negative rant on your social media channels.  

3. Create a Solid Marketing Plan

To increase your customer base, you need a solid marketing plan. A great marketing plan will help bring in new customers and will help build brand awareness. A successful marketing strategy will help attract new clients and will ultimately increase revenue. Although you can use different sales techniques to boost gym membership sales, all of them should tie into your larger marketing plan. A solid marketing plan may include:

  • Content marketing 
  • User-friendly website 
  • Special offers
  • Referral program 
  • Paid ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Social media marketing 

Above are just a few examples that can form part of your marketing strategy.  

4. Identify Your Tanning Salon Niche

The world of tanning salons is somewhat saturated and competitive. The ever-changing industry landscape means that tanning salons come in all shapes and sizes now. What was once considered ” a tanning salon” is now so much more. Boutique tanning salons are creating hubs that focus on health, rejuvenation, and healthy living. 

Price points and specialties can be a way to stand out from the competition; however, this can be challenging. Identify your tanning salon’s niche to help you reach a specific part of the market. Determine your brand message and understand what your unique selling value is. By targeting your value proposition, you can easily make your tanning salon unique. 

5. Know Your Competitors 

By knowing more about your competitors, you can understand how you’re different. To sell your tanning salon services to potential customers, you need to know about your competition. If you have some of the best beds or services in the area and the most relaxing spa services, let it be known. However, somewhere else nearby probably offers something similar but at a lower price; how will you sell your tanning services? 

Whoever your competition is, always show off your tanning salon’s value. Let potential members know why your tanning is the best around, how it’s different from the rest of the other tanning salons, and why they need to sign up for the full-service package at your salon. Understanding your competition gives your sales team a better way to sell your own business and the value behind what your tan salon offers. Prepare questions that can challenge your business, like; what makes you different from the tanning across the street? Why should someone pay more for our tanning salon services? 

6. Train Your Employees to Sell

As a tanning salon owner, you probably have a team of staff. Be sure all your employees know how to upsell or cross-sell services and products. Dedicate time to train your sales reps or employees properly and hold regular meetings to educate your staff on everything your tanning salon has to offer. They should know every package, product, and service you have available. Whether an employee is a manager, front desk, etc., they should understand every aspect of the business and be comfortable selling to provide value to the customer. 

Any employee should be confident in recommending your latest products or services. As the sales team is only as strong as your sales training, you should take the time to educate on both your business and sales techniques.  

7. Understand Your Potential Customers’ Needs 

When a person wants to join the tanning salon, it’s usually because they either want to get tan, rejuvenate their skin, or improve their overall health. However, these tend to be the top three reasons to join a tanning salon. Find out why they want to tan or come into the salon, improve skin and overall health, and what has held them back in the past.

Customers want to see results and stay motivated; helping them achieve this will keep them engaged and renew their package. Your tan salon and staff are selling a service that will help meet your potential clients’ needs and keep them wanting more. To meet their needs and wants, you need to understand each customer’s unique needs. Create a connection and form a relationship with your potential customer so that you can understand them. Learning about them will help you sell a service that you know will allow them to meet their expectations and goals. 

8. Personalize Sales Process 

On average, marketing companies see an increase of 20% when using personalization. No matter the industry, creating a personal touch can form a significant part of your sales strategy. Whether you’re selling a tanning package, rejuvenation services, or products, it’s essential to personalize the experience to each specific customer’s needs. 

No potential customer wants to feel like they’re rushing through a general sales process and going through a basic sales script. When it comes to selling tanning packages, personalizing the experience may look like a tour specific to your prospects’ needs. Show off the beds or rejuvenation services that they will enjoy most and benefit their fitness journey. Please communicate with your lead on the service/product they most prefer to maximize your efforts at every part of the sales journey.    

9. Keep Track of Sales 

The most crucial part of any sales process is keeping track of it. Know exactly where your potential customer is in the process and what the next step is to move them and convert them into a paying customer. What action steps do you need to take to make that a reality? Your salon’s marketing and sales effort will be a waste if you don’t keep track of sales and the source. 

Organize and store your leads, and track the source. Don’t annoy the same prospect and pitch with a copy and pasted email several times over and over. Ensure you know which employee spoke with them and what was communicated to them and what they are looking for. Monitor your potential customer in the sales process, assign different sales staff to specific prospects, then update your tracking system as you go. 

10. Follow Up Quickly

You don’t want to be too pushy, but don’t forget about your potential customer either. Remember to follow up quickly but have a cadence as well. Be sure your brand and business are still fresh in their minds, and you’ve recently had an interaction with your prospect. Keep this connection alive, and use your tracking system to know when to check in for a follow-up. Check-in with your potential customer how they like to be communicated with; this may be a quick phone call, a personalized email, text, or even Facebook message. 

11. Incorporate a Referral Program

The most effective marketing for many companies is a referral program. A referral program is an easy systematic way to bring in new customers while rewarding your existing member base. Turn your members into your tanning salon cheerleaders and let them tell their friends and family just how fantastic your business is. 

To create an effective referral program, you need to develop an offer that’s too good to resist the current customer and the potential customer. Provide an incentive for both! Also, the potential customer referred by other customers tends to have a higher retention rate. Some ideas for great incentives include:

  • Discounted package
  • Free branded t-shirt 
  • Free Product
  • Free tanning session(s)
  • Valued gift card

12. Tanning Salon Management Software

Tanning salon software can save you time and effort with your sales process and help run the entire business. Whether you want to upgrade your current tanning software or implement new tanning salon management software: the right software helps you track member retention and sales—monitoring key metrics like lead management and conversion, total revenue, and attendance rates. 

If you’re unsure where to start, Tan-Link can walk you through a demo of the essential features like a streamlined dashboard, real-time reporting, and customer management.  

To Summarize 

It’s time to make your tanning packages sales soar like never before. Build a strong sales and marketing plan; these techniques can boost tanning salon sales and your overall revenue. Try incorporating a simple referral program, encouraging positive social media reviews, offering promotions, and placing your marketing in the right place; you can bring new members through the door and expand your tanning salon.

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