We live in a world where discounts are expected to be given, and expected to be received.

As a business owner, however, the most expensive thing you can offer your customer is a discount. By discounting your product or service, you immediately lose out on the entire value of the discount leaving a lot of revenue on the table. While discounting is not totally avoidable, a good way to reduce discounts is to encourage your staff to offer more in value than what you are offering as a discount.

The least expensive thing you can offer to your customer is service (bed upgrade, tan package) and then product, in that order. A typical salon has a 5x markup on services and products. By offering double the value on a sale, you are still leaving a good margin of profit for yourself.

This is easy to do in Tan-Link – instead of offering a 15% discount next time, offer them 30% in value and you will still come out well ahead. Instead of saying “I can give you 15% off on this credit package today!”, say “I can add 30% more credits to your package today!”



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