"We have been using Tan-Link for the past 3 years now and very pleased with the software as well as the support provided. We were using some old software for 15 years before we got introduced to Tan-Link and did not even realize the benefits of using good technology to run our chain of salons and the difference it makes. Moving to Tan-Link has probably been one of the best decisions we have made for Tan Etc."
Brad H. Owner
"I have been in the fitness industry for many years and have spent over 20 years in gym management. In that time I used many different types of software. I am currently managing a chain of salons in Austin that utilize the Tan-Link system. The thing I love about this software is that it is fully customized to our needs and is able to evolve with our business. The software works really well and their customer service response time is phenomenal. Any time an issue comes up we receive a quick answer and resolution. The Tan-Link team is aware that businesses cannot be successful without the software functioning properly at all times!"
Sheryl L. Operations Manager
"I run one of our larger stores in the chain and have been using Tan-Link for several years now. Our previous system was all manual and everything had to be done on paper. Now a lot of our function is done automatically for us. As an example, we could only collect past dues over the phone in the past but now customers automatically receive a decline email and can pay the balance online. We used to print and send paper letters for past dues collections, now I just click a button and the letter is mailed out. We also now allow our customers to autobill lotions and packages, which makes it a little easier to sell since they will be charged at a later date. All in all I've been very pleased with Tan-Link and the support provided."
Jennifer R. Store Manager
"I manage one of our stores and we have been using Tan-Link for several years after we moved from a software called APS. Tan-Link is fully customized to our business including the type of packages we sell, our policies related to signups, freeze, cancellations etc is all built right into the system which makes it easier to train my staff and avoids mistakes that frustrates my customers. If there is ever an issue or if we need changes made, we know exactly who to contact and get it done!""
Stephanie T. Manager
"We were able to cut out a lot of manual processing when we moved to Tan-Link. we used to send all out membership agreements by mail to a company that processed these agreements. Now its all online and we can print our agreements right then and there. Not only is it a lot faster/easier/cheaper, its also a lot less error prone. Moving to Tan-Link was definitely a step in the right direction for my salons."
David H. CEO/Owner
"We use Tan-Link in all our Salons and its really easy to train new staff with it. It has training built into the package, which is a great way to ensure that the person has really learnt what we sell, and how we sell it. After I complete training, I can switch to the training version of the system and have them complete all the required tasks as if they are working on an actual customer account. This ensures that nothing is missed, and that the knowledge has really sunk in. All the menus and functions are specific to us and do exactly what we need to do!"
Courtney D. Store Manager
"Tan-Link was easy for me to learn and use, and the functionality is pretty intuitive so new staff can catch on quickly. There are no codes or lists to remember; whatever you need is simply a click away. Searching for customers or products is straightforward as any part of the name, phone number, email, or date of birth can be used to pull up their information. Everything needed to assist a customer is organized in a way to find it quickly. In one glance, I can tell how many points/credits they have, what products they've purchased, which beds they've used and liked plus any other notes left by the other staff is visible. It helps me decide what product or service I am going to offer a particular customer and takes the guess work out of the customer interaction."
April K. Asst. Manager
"I am the manager of the busiest location in our chain, so we see a lot of customers each day. Its critical that I be able to check customers in quickly as some times there will be a line of customers waiting. Tan-Link lets me search by name, date of birth, email address, or phone number all in one simple box! But the feature I love the most is the chat! I love being able to connect with all the staff, talk about promos, lotions, customers and everything else. The chat goes a long way to build a solid team of tanning consultants in our chain."
John H. Store Manager