Building Something Extraordinary

Tan-Link was designed when Nash acquired his first tanning salon, and discovered that no single tanning salon software package was effective in helping him grow the business. There were some out there with some of the features he needed, but no single tanning salon software package did all of it.

That’s when Tan-Link, a customized Tanning Salon Software package was born.

Coming from an extensive background in software design and development coupled with the lack of available solutions inspired him to architect his own, and the result was Tan-Link – a highly customize-able tanning salon software solution that was easy to use for the staff and provided him, the business owner, a tool to fully manage, operate and grow his chain of very successful salons.


Targeting Growth

Tan-Link was instrumental in helping Nash grow his business. Tan It All, the premium chain of Tanning Salons in North Austin, grew from one location in 2013 to four successful, highly profitable locations in 2014 and now gearing up to add two more locations in late 2017 and early 2018.

In the tanning industry, where many salons are struggling to make rent and payroll, the sales strategies coupled with effective tanning salon software has proven to be invaluable tool in the growth of his business.

When Nash purchased his first location from Tan Etc, the owners of Tan Etc saw the capability of the software and immediately decided to do away with the old tanning salon software they were using and moved to Tan-Link. Their chains have been successfully running on Tan-Link since then. They love it.


What We Offer

Tan-Link is not just another tanning salon software solution. While highly scalable software is a key part of the solution, Tan-Link is a services based organization. We offer customized and total solutions to redo your online presence, website development, marketing profile and outbound communication, text and social media marketing, past due collection services, point-of-sale and credit card processing, as well as consultation to improve and automate your key business processes. Technology is the centerpiece here and smart solutions are developed to address common issues many businesses face.