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Tanning Salon Software Tmax

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software Tmax

Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software will help you manage tanning beds or booths with a secure connection to the TMax timer allowing you to:

  • Set Maximum Tan Time Limit
  • Lead-In Times
  • Clean Up Alerts
  • Cool Downtimes
  • Simple Alert Notifications
  • Track Usage

Tanning Equipment Software

Quick Installation

Usually, if you already have Tmax, then your USB serial connection is already present. The link from Tmax to your software account is straightforward, and most of the time, we can use existing equipment. Most of the time, an upgrade to your USB serial connection will do the trick.

Simple Alert Notifications

Tan-Link will allow you to know the exact status of your tanning equipment, plus receive real-time alerts if tanning beds need to be cleaned or require new lights.

Track Equipment Usage and Keep Maintenance Logs

Tanning Equipment

Your Tan-Link software account will also allow you to keep track of equipment usage and maintain maintenance logs. Keep track of which lights go to each piece of equipment, hours left on specific lights, and what employee completed the update.

If you are looking for tanning salon software that links to your Tmax booths or beds, Tan-Link can help automate your setup process.

Schedule a free demo of Tan-Link to see how we can help your tanning salon!

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