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Tanning Salon Spotlight: Pacific Tanning

Tanning Salon Spotlight: Pacific Tanning

Tanning Salon Spotlight: Pacific Tanning. See how Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software has helped Pacific Tanning with its four salon locations.

Would you give me a quick overview of Pacific Tanning?

Pacific Tanning  has been around for 23 years with 4 locations in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Our mission is for our guests to rejuvenate, relax and refresh. Cater to every guest with the most impeccable professional certified customer service. Pacific Tanning offers tanning, teeth whitening, red light therapy, and spray tanning, along with health and skincare products. Top-of-the-line equipment along with superior products. Best equipment. Best prices, best service, all with a personal character to be hands-on every day. Accommodate every guest no matter what. Pacific Tanning strives to grow and continue to be better.

How many employees do you have?

Pacific Tanning has a total of 31 employees with our 4 locations.

How does our software help your team or company achieve its objectives?

Tan-Link is a tanning salon business-building software and is constantly being updated. We had other software, and nothing is like Tan-Link. First, it is very user-friendly, easy, and straightforward. The software is customizable to my salons as well as to our guests. This software helped streamline our EFT memberships. Maintain the connection with our guests. Help promote and market the brand and much more!

There are just so many features that, when all used correctly, every tanning salon should use this software. Put goals to reach and see where you need to address a specific employee, product, package, or machine. Tan link does so much. After the training and setup, that took about a week. We went life, and within two weeks, we were off to the races

enjoying this tanning software machine. Tan-Link is the best tanning salon software.

What were the major pain points of your process before using our software?

The past tanning software was too complex with too many steps. We had to run our EFT drafts manually ourselves. The big one was the support service. It took too long and just was a lot of downtime we could not

afford. Tan link software cured all that.

What made you ultimately decide to switch to Tan-Link?

Tan-Link looks different, but it is user-friendly and offered everything we needed to grow our tanning salons. The support, the EFT processing, and the feature with the texting are huge. Enable text automation to contact all your declines without doing anything. Tan-Link does it all for you. 

What other challenges were you and your team experiencing before using our software?

Our previous software had mistakes on customer transactions which were getting harder to find and to fix. We had no consistent communication with our guests. We had to run all EFT payments manually.

Would you describe a few of the reasons you decided to go with our software?

EFT processing, built-in texting, going paperless with eSign waivers, agreements consent forms, built-in call center, scheduling, online store, online appointments.

By using our software, can you measure any reduced costs?

The software and features can be costly and is not the cheapest tanning software; however, neither is our tanning business, our investment, the equipment. With all Tan-Link offers, you can reduce costs on operations and streamline a lot of your business. Tan-Link Software is worth every penny.

By using our Tan-Link Software, can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

It is simple to add products, equipment, packages, and memberships. Also, scheduling is super simple with their ability to sell online and have appointments booked online. The software allows for ease of use for owners and employees alike. Not to mention, if there are any issues, customer support is on top of it. All of this saves time and saving time saves money.

By using our software, can you measure any increases in revenue or growth?

Yes, some great tools help your staff quickly upgrade, upsell, and add to existing members. Offer more to your guests with a smooth, fun experience.

What is your favorite feature or part of our Tan-Link? Why?

The EFT payment processing and text features are great features. These two features alone make it simple to streamline and an easy way to connect to guests. The text features alone help quickly grow our tanning salon brand. 

Have you used our customer support resources? If so, do you have any feedback from your experience?

The customer support for Tan-Link is impressive. I would say it is the best customer support, hands down for any tanning salon software, and they are on top of it all. Very fast resolving any issues, I get a response right away and usually addressed fixed. They are always keeping me updated, which I like a lot.


Salon Spotlight: Pacific Tanning

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