This happens. A lot.

No matter how good your employment process is, no matter how diligent you are with the reference check, sooner or later you will have an employee who does not show up for their morning shift. If you are lucky, they will drop hints before that happens but most of the time you find out about a no show when the store has already failed to open on time.

This is a feature I am most proud of in Tan-Link. An hour and a half before opening time, Tan-Link sends a text to the employee who is expected to respond with “checkin”. If they fail to respond to that text, a call is made by Tan-Link that must be answered. If that fails, then a series of texts and calls are made to the next manager in line to make them aware of the impending no-show.

Doing so has now saved us many times from that embarrassing call from a customer waiting at the front door at opening time and no employee in sight.

While Tan-Link cannot fix your no-show issue, it can certainly give you plenty of warning when that is about to happen!

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