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Text and Email Automations For Tanning Salons

Stay Connected with your Tanning Members Text and Email Automations

Staying connected with your members and clients is an essential part of any business. However, not every tanning salon owner has the time to build a personal relationship with every client. Therefore, you and your staff members must utilize all the communication tools available to stay connected with your members or clients. One way to help improve overall customer or member experience and streamline communication is to use software that can set up email and text automation.

By utilizing software for tanning salons, such as Tan-Link, you can automate your messaging by designing auto text and emails to send to your clients or members automatically. This automation will help improve communication you may have with your members with upcoming appointments, failed payments, changes, and much more!

Below are 9 Essential Email or Text Automations for Tanning Salons:

SMS Appointment Reminders 

(Hi Jacob, just a friendly reminder of your appointment today at 12:45 PM. Thanks, Tan Salon)

(Hi Jacob, just a friendly reminder of your appointment tomorrow at 12:45 PM. There is a $15 fee charged for appointments canceled the day of the appointment and for no-shows. We will see you tomorrow Jacob!)

SMS EFT Un-Freeze Reminder

(Hello Jean, This is a courtesy reminder that your account is coming off freeze in one week. Thanks, Tan Salon)

Email Receipts 

(Tanning Salon Contact Information)

Hi John, your receipt purchase includes: 5/12/21 1:26 PM Name: John

Titanimun Membership: $80.95

Sign Up Fee: $19.00

DC Collagenetics 2-in-1 PRO : $47.25

Card#: XXXX-3812 

AMT: $147.2 

TIP: $0.00 

TOTAL: $147.20)

SMS Upcoming Package Expiring

(Hi John, your Platinum Package is going to expire in one week.)

SMS Welcome Message

(Hi Nicole, your membership includes access to all locations, all our sunbeds from base building to bronzing, high pressure and standups, basic Spray Tans, Infrared Cocoon, Poly Redlight, Bio Beauty light, FIT Infrared Bodywraps, Renuvaskin Redlight as well as discounts on Teeth Whitening! Ask our consultant for a full tour of the salon today! – Thanks, Tan Salon)

SMS Failed Payment

(Hi Brittany, your last payment didn’t go through. Here is a link to pay the balance and update your card. If paid today, the decline charges will automatically be waived.Thanks! – Tan Salon https://PAYMENTLINK)

SMS Online Sign-Up

(Thank you for your purchase, Anna. Please visit Tan Salon to use the services or pick up the products. Show this message at the salon with your Account ID which is RR464318789. Thanks, Tan Salon)

SMS Birthday Message

(Hi John, we at Tan Salon just wanted to personally wish you a Happy Birthday! Come in to claim your free gift!)

SMS First Time Service Use

Hi Samantha, thanks for coming in to tan today! Keep in mind after your first tan, you should do the following to help with your glow)

In addition to automating your emails and text messages, most of the messages are customizable. 

Help Improve Retention At Your Tanning Salon With Easy Email and Text Automations

Keep your members engaged by enabling automation for SMS and Emails in your tanning salon software. Let your tanning salon easily stay in touch with your members by reminders, birthday or receipts, or alerts for expiring packages, failed payments, and much more! This will help your tanning salon stay better engaged with your members while helping to improve your member retention rates.

Learn how Tan-Link Software can help automate your tanning salon and improve your member retention. Schedule a free demo today!

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