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These Top 5 Core Features Should Be In Your Tanning Salon Software

These Top 5 Core Features Should Be In Your Tanning Salon Software

5 Core Features Should Be In Your Tanning Salon Software

Running a tanning salon can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you use the right software for your tanning salon. Most all tanning software has to be downloaded or is just completely outdated. 

Why use obsolete software in a technologically advanced society? 

And shouldn’t your tanning salon be up to date as well to keep up with your evolving members? 

Using tanning salon software should provide you and your staff value for your business, from saving time on operations, billing, marketing, improving customer interaction, experience, and much more! So what top core features should your tanning salon have to keep you up to date? Here are five below: 

Built-In Payment POS Capabilities 

Having built-in POS with integrated payment processing, your tanning salon should be able to sell products, packages, and memberships, redeem gift cards, add and tips, and accept various payment types. 

Store cards on file to provide a quick and secure checkout experience for clients and staff when using cards-on-file. Charge the card-on-file directly from your tanning salon software POS. 

Efficiently run recurring payments automatically for your EFT memberships without lifting a finger or keying in cards ever again. Not to mention, take advantage of an automatic card updater to increase approvals. 

Digital Waivers & Agreements

Get rid of the old-school way of collecting paper consent forms, agreements, or waivers. Using software to collect e-sign releases, contracts quickly, and all of your documents will allow your salon to save time and money. 

All electronically signed agreements will be stored in your tanning salon software under each member’s profile. Not to mention, agreements, releases, and waivers should be correlated to what service the member is completing. 

If your tanning salon needs agreements signed every year, just quickly set an expiration date on the document to prompt the member to sign again. 

Text Capabilities 

Texting capabilities inside your tanning software will allow your salon to communicate with your members and vice versa easily. Increasing communication via text will increase engagement and reduce any communication gaps. 

Using text automation inside your software will allow your software to remind for appointments automatically, remind for a declined payment with a link to pay, happy birthday text, sign up, and much more!

Send mass texts out to targeted members at your tanning salon. Easily segment your list on who you want to send a marketing text to, from date joined, canceled, last visit date, within specific dates, and much more!

Online Capabilities 

As a tanning salon, you can implement many things on your website and social media to appeal to more customers. Using tanning salon software that allows for selling services and products online will help increase revenue. In addition, allowing customers to update their billing and book appointments online will help you and your staff save time. 

Start selling packages and services online to increase your member base. By allowing customers to purchase online, your salon can take advantage of when the customer is looking to buy. 

Allowing the customer to book appointments online, update billing, see their last tan, and much more will free up your staff’s time and provide your customer a better experience. 

Remote Access

Having web-based software will allow your tanning salon to be more flexible, and as an owner, you do not have to into the store to fix something every time. Using web-based software will allow you to access the full tanning software wherever you have an internet connection. 

In addition, if your internet goes down at your tanning salon, you should be able to be still up and running. 

What tanning salon software should I use? 

There is a reason why many tanning salons are switching to Tan-Link Software..and if you are a salon owner looking to grow, streamline and automate your salon, then schedule a FREE demo today!

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