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Things To Sell At Your Tanning Salon To Improve Profit

Things To Sell At Your Tanning Salon To Improve Profit 

You can sell many things at your tanning salon, but your focus as a business owner is to ensure you’re maximizing profit per sale and improving the average customer revenue. 

You are selling more than just tanning sessions, packages, and memberships. Your tanning salon should carry tan accelerators, after-tan moisturizers, logoed T-shirts, tank tops, pool cover-ups, and attractive beach totes. Consider offering a line of swimwear, body piercing jewelry, skin and lip care products, sandals, toe rings, and sunglasses. Install a cooler with drinks like mineral water, fresh juices, and protein bars. Tanning salon customers are typically image-conscious, body-conscious consumers, and the more products you carry, the broader and more diverse your tanning salon earning potential. Understand your customers based on age, demographic, location, etc., to get a better understanding of the products you should sell. 

3 Great Products Other Than Tanning Lotions To Add to Your Tanning Salon for Easy and Extra Income

Owning a tanning salon is great when you can build a steady stream of regular clients; however, there will always be a slow season. That is why it is crucial to increase the average ticket amount along with increase your membership base. Start selling products that compliment your tanning salon business, and you’ll easily add more cash flow. 


A lot of customers who tan are frequently more health-conscious than an ordinary person. So why not offer water, fresh juices, energy drinks, etc., to upsell at the time of sale. This can be a great value add for any customer and an easy sell for increasing the average ticket amount. In addition, these pair perfect complimenting your customer’s tanning and spa service. 


Start offering goggles for use in the tanning booths. Regular clients might bring their goggles; however, new and infrequent clients might forget, and having goggles on hand for sale or even rent a great way to pull in extra revenue. You could include the goggles in the price of the booth time and hand them out to each client at check-in since it’s safest for your clients to use goggles.


Your customer may have remembered everything else, but they could have forgotten to bring a towel. A towel is a must for customers who want some privacy or who only want to work on tans on their shoulders and legs. Start offering towels for sale, or rent or offer a complimentary towel for certain membership levels, and customers won’t have to worry about bringing their own.

The majority of customers that tan only comes into the salon between 2-5 times a month. These customers are prime to purchase additional products, actually proving a better revenue stream than you might think if you start selling certain accessories. Your non-active tanners are more likely not to have tanning accessories on hand, in which you should have items on hand to appeal. However, your regular tanners are also the lookout for accessories that mesh well with their tanning lifestyle as well. Capitalize on your non-regular and regular clients alike by offering various accessories both for the tanning booth and the tanning lifestyle. Start selling things at your tanning salon that help capitalize on profit but also compliment your customers. 

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