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Three Ways You Can Improve Tanning Salon Member Retention

Three Ways You Can Improve Tanning Salon Member Retention

Every tanning salon gets excited about a new member: that energetic new member who cannot wait to rejuvenate their skin, boost confidence, and join your beauty community. With new revenue and another person who may refer a friend to your salon, a new member is always an exciting thing for tan salon businesses. How does your tanning salon keep up with member retention?

However, it would be best if you never forgot that it is the long-term, consistent members who are the core of any membership-based business.

Each year, tanning salons see a massive influx of members at certain times. While it is fantastic to increase revenue, how do you make it last throughout the whole year? Here are three great tips to help with customer retention at your tanning salon.


Connecting with your members will build a strong community within your business and increase member retention for your tanning salon. Please don’t make your new member feel responsible to themselves to keep up with tanning or health. Make them feel accountable to treat themselves for health-conscious decisions. Here are a few tips:

  • Hold events and hangouts at your tanning salon.
  • Encourage people to come to try new products or services.
  • Make sure your staff is engaging in all members’ lives, both the more recent members and older ones as well. 
  • Educate members on healthy skin tips and rejuvenation techniques.


Email, text, or phone call to every member who has missed more than a certain amount of time, will enhance customer engagement and improve overall member retention. Missing a couple of weeks of tanning or skin therapy is usually the first sign of a disengaged member. Here are a few ideas to spark members who may be disengaged. 

  • Set up automated email and text for anyone who does not check-in for a tanning service. 
  • Check to report when any member is not showing tanning services over an extended amount of time with your tanning salon software. Assign a specific staff member to certain members to be their relationship manager.

Show Progress

Nothing is as disheartening as committing a lot of time and money into service and not seeing the results. Allowing customers to track progress and holding them accountable for what they are looking to accomplish will keep members engaged. 

  • Make sure staff and members are keeping track of members’ progress.
  • Review progress monthly or even weekly with all of your members.

These are just three ideas to help increase retention, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on what your tanning salon does to increase retention. How does your tanning salon keep members engaged after the initial “glow” has worn off?

Schedule a demo of Tan-Link to check out how we can help streamline your retention process.

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