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Benefits of Credit Card Updater for Tanning Salons

Top 2 Benefits of Credit Card Updater for Tanning Salons

If you are like most tanning salons running drafts every month, you probably have a good amount of payment declines. On average most tanning salons will have 10-20% in declined credit cards. One way to help your staff and customers alike is to implement a credit card updater system. Tan-Link Software has a credit card updater built in to help your tanning salon.

Here are the top 2 benefits of how a Credit Card Updater can help your tanning salon.

Increase authorization approvals

Your tanning salon will now be able to update card information monthly automatically. Now your tanning salon can avoid unnecessary payment declines, interruptions, and the cost associated with contacting customers for new credit card information. More cards approved equals more cash flow. 

Improve customer retention and loyalty

The next benefit of a credit card updater at your tanning salons is to help reduce any customer friction caused by payment decline disruptions or eliminate the need for staff to conduct manual updates. Thus, minimizing the risk of cancellation or non-payment for your EFT members at your tanning salon.

Tan-Link has implemented a credit card updater for every salon. Your tanning salon will be able to take advantage of credit card updater to help increase authorization approvals and improve customer retention. 

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