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Top 3 Benefits To Using A Tanning Salon POS

Top 3 Benefits To Using A Tanning Salon POS 

Are you using multiple software or solutions to run your tanning salon? 

Using an all-in-one tanning salon pos software can help run your business more efficiently and increase productivity, ultimately allowing your tanning salon to be more successful. 

If you are a tanning salon owner, using a basic POS or terminal or multiple solutions will probably not help you streamline your tanning salon operations. 

Disadvantages Of Not Using An Actual Tanning Salon POS

Using a basic POS or terminal to process payments can be very time-consuming, not to mention not connecting to your customer’s account for EFT memberships and packages. Most of the time, tanning salon owners use multiple software or try to use software that was not built to handle tan salon operations. Besides, if you are using a primary pos terminal, you will either have to run automated payments in another software or manually enter credit card information every month. Not using the correct pos software for your tanning salon can slow down operations, inhibit growth, and probably cost more. 

Why Use A Tanning Salon POS?

There are many reasons to utilize an all-in-one tanning salon pos software to take advantage of many features that can help grow your tanning salon. There are many benefits to using a specific tanning salon pos to improve cash flow, streamline operations, allow for easy management, and much more! 

Here Are The Top 3 benefits To Use A Tanning Salon POS:

Integrated Payments

Having your payment processing integrated for one-time retail sales, recurring eft memberships, and cards on file all within your salon POS will allow for more streamlined operations and cash flow. Having everything run through one software will allow for easy inventory tracking, loyalty programs, gift cards, tracking sales commission, selling packages and products from multiple places, and much more! Besides integrated payments, specific automations (email or text) can be set up to notify members to update billing information, pay past due bills, along with upcoming expiring dates. 

Equipment Mapping 

One of the most significant benefits of using a specific tanning salon is connecting certain membership and package levels to particular equipment. Having your equipment related to these certain levels will allow you to properly check-in members, utilize a waitlist, set timers, sell different package levels, track equipment usage, and much more! Having software that will allow your equipment to connect will give your tanning salon so much more flexibility and better reporting to set, track and obtain detailed reporting on all equipment. 

Customer Management

Lastly, another benefit of using an actual tanning salon POS is tracking customer information from their membership or package, communication, loyalty, collect signatures for waivers, contracts, etc. The customer management portion will allow staff to be on the same page with members checking in to beds for redeeming credits or ISA, upgrading, freeze on accounts, and any other member-related items. Regarding customer management, tracking your customer data will give you better reporting and insight into your tanning salon. 

Upgrade Your Tanning Salon POS

When looking for a POS system for your tanning salon, be sure that it is specific to your actual business model and offers the main features you need to run efficiently.

How Can Tan-Link Help With A Tanning Salon POS? 

Tan-Link is software designed explicitly for tanning salon operations. Schedule a demo to see how we can help your tanning salon today!

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