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Top 5 Benefits of a Tanning Salon POS

Top 5 Benefits of a Tanning Salon POS 

Everyone understands all businesses are different and unique in how they operate. For a tanning salon to run correctly, it needs to have specific POS software to assist in operations. A tanning salon POS has many advantages: Integrated EFT Billing & POS, Digital Contracts, TMAX Equipment Connection, Customer Management, and Reporting. Many small and large tanning salons have taken advantage of the benefits this type of software offers, increasing their efficiency and boosting their bottom line.

Using a standard POS software or device to run a tanning salon can be challenging and slow down productivity. If you are a tanning salon using a pos that is built specifically for your business will ultimately be the key to substantial growth. 

1. Integrated Payments & POS

Tanning salons rely on paying customers to operate. In tanning salon software, you will want to look for one that handles all one-time and recurring EFT payments. With regular payments, tanning salon owners and clients will no longer have to worry about late charges or late fees. Some software also includes POS (point-of-sale) transactions keeping track of inventory, profit margin, and much more while handling electronic waivers and down payments. Through the system, owners can sell products on their website and set up individual payment options for customers. Customers can also handle updating their payment information to stress away from the tan salon owner having to deal with billing and transaction issues. Not to mention having an automatic process to send a simple text out to customers whose bill fails and a link for them to update their payment information. Having everything in one place is invaluable for tan salon owners. Use custom integrated loyalty programs, sell gift cards, and much more!

2. Digital Contracts

Streamline the sign-up process for your customers and wow them with a simplified process. Eliminate collecting paper tanning waivers and contracts for packages when members sign up. Easily manage releases and contracts from the software via an iPad, with a couple of initials and a digital signature. Attach certain agreements to different tanning packages to correlate for that specific service. Save time and liability as customers who have not signed a waiver or agreement will not be able to use the service. All documents that are signed are automatically saved on the customer’s profile for easy access. 

3. TMAX Equipment Connection

One of the most significant benefits of using a specific tanning salon POS software is to connect the tanning beds and equipment to control certain aspects: such as the timers, mapping the packages to specific equipment use, setting appointments, tracking the most used equipment, setting beds for cleaning, monitoring usage for parts, etc. Having software that connects to your equipment will help your tanning salon staff manage everything under one interface. 

4. Customer Management 

With a tanning salon pos system, you will track customer data from check-ins, services used, product purchases, pertinent information and allow access to a member portal for easy access. Through a customer management portal, clients can view or pay their bills, update their membership information, freeze dues, and schedule appointments. At the same time, tan salon owners can put their time towards other activities. Long are the days of manually sending individual emails or making phone calls to demand payments; utilize built-in automation within your software to help manage your customers.

5. Reporting 

Included in the software are valuable reports that can be utilized to keep track and measure key metrics. Among the reporting are monthly EFT active members, most popular packages & products, top customers, visits, revenue per client, track sales by staff members, final invoices, sales summaries, and much more! Not to mention a monthly health report giving you side-by-side insight into previous data. These reports enable tanning salon managers to make essential decisions based on their services & products in correlation to financials. The data available also allows tanning salon owners to manage cash flow properly and direct best practices for new products or services to offer.

Why purchase Tanning Salon POS Software?

A Tanning Salon POS is a valuable tool for owners to use that saves time and money in the long run. Having everything in one place is key to ensure a smooth operation and is the exact reason you should explore Tan-Link.

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