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What software do tanning salons use?

What software do tanning salons use?

If you are a tanning salon owner, it is crucial to use software or POS specific to your operations as a tanning salon business. Using tanning salon software, you are ensuring that your tanning salon will run efficiently. Using a specific software will allow you to streamline customer check-ins, keep track of customer information, billing, and much more! 

So, what software do tanning salons use?

There are only a handful of tanning salon software companies out from Helios, TanTrack, Salon Touch, SunLync, and of course Tan-Link! 

There are many essential features of using tanning salon software, but it should streamline and add value to your tanning salon. Not all software was created equal, so when evaluating your software options, be sure that the one you choose allows your tanning salon to thrive. 

What features should be in tanning salon software? 

There are many features that you could want to be in your software; however, there are many essential features that need to be in your software to ensure you streamline your business operations. So below are some important features that should be in your tanning software.

TMAX Connection: Having this connection at your tanning salon will allow your front desk staff to streamline check-ins by setting the beds for your members. 

Automated Billing: Allowing your software to automate your EFT packages will free up a lot of time and eliminate manual entry. Automatically collect tan tax on sales. 

Customer Management: Keeping track of customer information will allow for easy check-in, upsell opportunities, tracking packages, sessions, and much more!

Staff Management: Easly keep track of staff hours, account changes, continuing education, commission payouts, and more!

Web-Based Software: A crucial feature is a web-based software that allows you or your staff to work on the software without being at the salon.

Online Store: Enhance your brand and sell more by having an online store within your website, selling packages, services, and products!

Online Appointments: Start taking appointments online to free up you and your staff. Allow clients to book online easily.

Digital Waivers & Agreements: Easily collect digital agreements, consent forms, waivers, etc., depending on which package a member signs up for. 

Texting Capabilities: Setup automated texts messages for specific reasons to keep members engaged. Two-way text will allow members to communicate efficiently. Send mass texts out for marketing purposes. 

Reporting: Any tanning salon needs to focus on reporting to show which packages generate the most revenue, product sales, etc. What gets measured gets managed. 

POS Inventory: Easily keep track of inventory and stock of current products to ensure adequate adjustments. 

Tanning salon owners need special software to help manage these unique capabilities to ensure that they are running an efficient business while maximizing profit. 

Tan-Link Software is just for tanning salons to ensure that every owner has all of the capabilities to manage and run their single salon or multiple locations quickly.


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