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Your tanning salon should be upgrading current members

Is Your Tanning Salon Upgrading Current Members? 

As a tanning salon owner in peak season, it is imperative to collect and sign up as many memberships as possible to increase cash flow before the season comes to a close because we all know that members will eventually cancel. It is excellent to acquire new customers; however, are you focusing on your current members? Are you or your staff understanding your member’s needs or being proactive in their upsell approach? 

Why should your tanning salon focus on current members? 

Your tanning salon should have a clear understanding & detail for every member, from their goals to what they are looking to accomplish by coming to your salon. If you understand each member you have and store that information in your tan salon software, you can easily upsell members on new products and services that align with their expectations & goals.

Your tanning salon should focus on upgrading memberships and easy way to eliminate friction for upgrading.

As a tanning salon owner, your goal is not only to provide excellent services, products, and experience. Your goal as a business is to increase the number of memberships and the average price per member. Instead of focusing on selling upgrades to a higher level bed for current members, give the upgrade away for a free one or a few times so your services can align with your member’s goal(s). That free upgrade creates a sense of their belonging and an easy way to test the upgraded services. 

As an expert in tanning, your understanding of services and products should be able to translate into exceeding your member’s needs or goals. Remember, allow members to obtain a free session instead of paying for an upgrade to see the full benefits of the higher membership package. By doing this, you will achieve a lower action threshold, so members are more enticed to upgrade.  

Benefits of upgrading current memberships on members

  • Increase revenue over time
  • Increase revenue per member
  • Improve customer experience 
  • Improve customer retention

Start upgrading today with essential information in your software.

Using tanning salon software that provides crucial information and insight when pulling a member’s profile, you and your staff will be able to transition into upgrading the member for a higher membership quickly. Software built specifically for your tanning salon can help track critical data to help you and your staff. 

Schedule a demo of Tan-Link Tanning Salon Software to help your tan salon improve memberships.

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