Tanning Salon Software

Grow your tanning salon with Tan-Link

Easily manage your tanning salon and grow your brand with a single, powerful tanning salon software system—so you can spend your time with your customers.

Easily manage your tanning salon
The less you have to worry about day-to-day tasks, the easier it is for you to run your tanning salon.
  • Coordinate appointments, schedule, staff, and equipment
  • Run and manage your tanning salon from any location
  • Run intelligent, real-time reports that help you understand your data.
  • Manage staff shifts, plus track commission & bonuses.
  • Easily connect and manage your Tmax equipment to integrate with Tan-Link Software.
  • Robust reporting on all aspects of your business.
Tanning Salon Software Management
Integrated Payments

Quickly sell your products and services
Simplify and automate your payments right within the software and POS.
  • Auto bill monthly EFT drafts with ease
  • Automatically collect past dues on failed bills via a simple text to streamline collections. 
  • Add revenue by selling gift cards and on via your custom online store.
  • Receive stock and track inventory
  • Store credit card information on file
  • Allow customers to update billing information
tanning salon pos
Marketing Tools

Start promoting your tanning salon

Entice new customers and give them more reasons to come back.
  • Quickly send promotional texts to targeted customer lists.
  • Offer and implement your own loyalty program.
  • Easily collect reviews from your best customers with one click.
  • Connect to Mailchimp to send your marketing emails 
  • Launch your custom branded online store to sell packages, products, and to book appointments
  • Two way text communication built right in the software
Tanning Salon Software Marketing Text
Scheduling & Booking

Start scheduling and booking with ease

Increase bookings by allowing customers to make appointments online.
  • Let customers book appointments anytime, anywhere with online appointments
  • Reduce no shows with automatic text for appointment reminders
  • Automatically charge a late fee for missed appointments
  • Easily book appointments over the phone for tanning or other services
  • Showcase your brand with your own online store
Tanning Salon Software Schedule
Digital Waivers & Contracts

Simply collect digital waivers and agreements

Go paperless! Make it an easy and simplified process for new customers signing up.
  • Quickly allow customers to sign and initial their EFT agreement
  • Collect signatures easily with an iPad
  • Automatically have agreements and waivers pop up before customer use
  • Disallow customer use of service if no agreement or waiver signed
Tanning Salon Software Digital
Customer Experience

Understand customers and keep them engaged

Minimize friction for customers and give them an easy, personalized experience.
  • Collect and save payment preferences when customers checkout for future use
  • Allow automation to drive effective communication
  • Keep track of detailed information to understand your customers better
  • Offer a customer portal allowing access to special deals,  curbside check-in, and view/update account
  • Offer loyalty point, bonus bucks, and ISA
Tanning Salon Software Customer
Integrated Communication Tools

All in one communication so you never miss a customer

Intelligently and automatically streamline all communication with phone, text or online chat.
  • Automatically route calls for existing or new customers with your own call center
  • Track all communication within a customers profile, from recorded calls to text logs
  • Utilize two-way texting with all customers right within your software
  • Implement a simple chatbot on your website to allow customers to check-in curbside, freeze or cancel
Tanning Salon Software Communication
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