Building Something Extraordinary

Tan-Link was designed when Nash acquired his first tanning salon and discovered that no single tanning salon software package was effective in helping him grow the business. There were some solutions available with some of the features needed, but no single tanning salon software package did all of it well.

Coming from an extensive background in software design, coupled with the lack of available solutions in the market, inspired the design of Tan-Link.

A highly customize-able tanning salon software solution that was easy to use for the staff and provided him, the business owner, a tool to fully manage, operate and grow his chain of very successful salons in Austin, TX.

Targeting Growth

Tan-Link was instrumental in helping Nash grow his business. Tan It All, the premium chain of Tanning Salons in North Austin, grew from one location in 2013 to four successful, highly profitable locations in 2014 and now gearing up to add more locations.

In the tanning industry, where many salons are struggling to make rent and payroll, the sales strategies coupled with effective tanning salon software has proven to be invaluable tool in the growth of his business.

When Nash purchased his first location from Tan Etc, the owners of Tan Etc saw the capability of the software and immediately decided to do away with the old tanning salon software they were using and moved to Tan-Link. Their chains have been successfully running on Tan-Link since then. They love it.

What We Offer

Tan-Link is not just another tanning salon software solution. While enterprise grade software is a key part of the solution, Tan-Link is a services based organization. We offer customized and total solutions to redo your online presence, website development, marketing profile and outbound communication, text and social media marketing, past due collection services, point-of-sale and credit card processing, as well as consultation to improve and automate your key business processes. Technology is the centerpiece here and smart solutions are developed to address common issues many tanning salons face.

Simplify, and Automate

Simply and Automate your salon operation where ever possible with the easy to use salon software.


Any function or process that relies on people is labor intensive (read costly), and prone to error. The error factor is a direct cost to your bottom line, not to mention the resulting dissatisfaction to your customers.


Tan-Link is about automation. If a task can be handled by the software, let the software handle it. It will do a consistent and correct job every single time.


An example of this is how Tan-Link addresses employee no-show issues, which constantly plague a small business. Read more about it along with the other features of this salon software package on the main page.

Always know your numbers

#1 Key to meeting your goals is, well, to actually have goals. But how do you come up with these goals and targets?


Past performance is a good indicator and reference point for future performance, and a good metric to compare to. But the pitfall is that we get lost in the reports that many salon software packages provide. We have all the data in the world compiled into many different reports, but with no actionable information.


What are we to do with these reports? What changes do we make? How do we know if these are the right changes? You do not quite know until you start tracking the numbers regularly, and by regularly we mean DAILY.


This is where the Daily Scorecard comes in. A set of key numbers you track religiously and make minor adjustments to your business based on what you observe. These numbers can be anything from number of new customers coming in, to number of EFT packages sold, to number of lotions sold.


As you track these numbers closely, the changes you make will tell you whether you did it right or not. It will also tell you the changing landscape of your business such as customer profiles, demographic, area, competition so that you can take action before its too late.


This is where the Tan-Link salon software comes into play.


Instead of the 100s of reports, you have a handful of reports – customized specially for your salon, and sent to you daily so its in your view all the time. The Daily Scorecard is an absolute must for any business owner. If you make no other change to your business, consider making this one change that is bound to give you an accurate picture of your business and its trend to allow you to adjust your strategy.

Sell what matters

A customer who is offered too many choices will make the safest choice of going for the cheapest option, or worse – nothing. Your staff must be trained to focus.

Focus on selling what matters to your bottom line, period. Everything else is just noise.

But how do you know what to focus on? Your Scorecard should tell you that. You have one, right?

Close the loop on Training

There is no substitute for good training, and for a documented process for the staff to follow. This is what ensures that a standard of service is set for your Salon. While many Salon owners do take the time to train the staff, there is no mechanism to close the loop to ensure that the training is actually being followed properly.


The staff may know what to say, but they may not know how to say it. They may be describing the lotion very well, but they may stumble through closing the sale. They may describe your packages well, but may not know how to upsell.


Observing the staff in action is the single most effective way to learn how they are dealing with your customers. For an owner who is always present in the salon, this is not difficult to do. But for salon owners with multiple locations, or salon owners who run their business remotely, this is not trivial.


Tan-Link integrates both video and audio (if allowed by the state) into the system. For all new staff, every key interaction and sale should be closely monitored to give you an idea what their strengths and weaknesses are. Addressing those specific weaknesses with suggested changes can not only show rapid improvement in your sales, but also improves job satisfaction.